Private Collections is offering the opportunity to purchase the paintings featured on our website. The purchasing process begins by letting us know about your interest in one of our pieces. You can establish contact with us using the contact form on the page of the artwork in which you are interested or via the email address or telephone number as listed on our Contact page.

After your initial contact, we will discuss all of the purchase details such as framing options, how to deliver the artwork (shipping vs. pickup), insurance, and of course, total price. Payments should be made by bank transfer unless you are coming to pick up the piece in person, in which case, you may pay in cash. If payng by bank transfer, then after the agreed upon payment has posted to our bank account, we will wrap the painting in special packaging made specifically for protecting paintings. The delivery is made by MPL and insurance is automatically included with your purchase.

Using the Contact Form on an Artwork Page
Each piece of artwork on the site has its own page. At the bottom of these pages is a contact form where purchases and other inquiries can be initiated. When “”purchase this piece”” is chosen from the dropdown menu, additional fields related to the purchase process will appear. Please fill out these fields, so that we can better assess the delivery options and pricing prior to contacting you.

Making an Offer
Owners are willing to sell some paintings for a lower price. If you would like to capitalize on this fact, then you can make an offer by selecting the “”I would like to make an offer on this piece”” option in the dropdown menu. The answer will be a simple “Yes” or “No” and no explanation or counter-offer will be made. If your offer is not accepted, then you will have just one more chance to make a final offer on the piece. In other words, a maximum of two unaccepted bids per piece per person is allowed. If your offer is accepted, then process of payment and delivery is the same as written above.

Prior to making a purchase, you may elect to schedule a private viewing of the painting. Private viewings are 5000Ft per piece. This fee must be prepaid by bank transfer. After the money has posted to our account, we will arrange by email a time and location in Budapest for the viewing. If you’d like to arrange a viewing, please choose “”schedule a private viewing of this piece”” from the dropdown menu. After a viewing you may purchase the piece on the spot with a cash paymen or, of course, by bank transfer or via the website’s usual process at a later date.