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We present to you artwork that comes directly from the private collections of owners who are open to the possibility of selling their pieces. All the artwork is from reliable sources and we insure the authenticity and safe delivery of any item that you purchase from us. It is also possible to arrange a private viewing of any piece in which you are interested. Finally, if you would like to negotiate the pricing on an item, we are happy to liaise between you and the owner. So, please have a look at our private collections!

A Sample from Our Collection…

  • Nagymarosi utca- Beszélgetés-Kálmán Istókovits
    year unknown
    24cm x 35cm
    Street of Nagymaros - Conversation
  • Rhodoszi kikötői alkonyat-Mihály Schéner
    50cm x 70cm
    Harbor or Rohos at sunset
  • Tükör-Pál Deim
    year unknown
    50cm x 70cm
  • London-Mihály Schéner
    50cm x 70cm
  • Hertha portré rózsaszín ruhában (c.n.)-József Viktórián Pituk
    year unknown
    106cm x 75cm
    Hertha's Portrait in Pink Dress (without title)
  • Harcolni megyek-Mihály Schéner
    128 Euro
    33cm x 66cm
    I'm Going to Fight
  • Szent István és a kis huszár-Mihály Schéner
    60cm x 80cm
    St. Stephen's and a Young Hussar
  • Hajnal-József Baska
    year unknown
    50cm x 51cm
  • grafika (28x19)-Mihály Schéner
    year unknown
    28cm x 19cm
    Graphics (28x19)
  • Nagymarosi utca-Kálmán Istókovits
    24cm x 34cm
    Street of Nagymaros
  • Rózsaevők-Gyarmathy Rádóczy
    year unknown
    150cm x 100cm
    Rose Eaters
  • Életlovaglás II.-Gyarmathy Rádóczy
    year unknown
    100cm x 120cm
    Riding Life II.

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